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  • Density Marker Beads – Microspheres with Specific gravity of 1.065 and 1.075

    Posted on January 8th, 2011 Microsphere Expert

    Product Announcement:

    Density Marker Beads 1.065 Specific Gravity

    Red 1.065 g/cc Spheres

    In the biomedical industry researchers are sometimes looking for cells having targeted specific gravities.  In order to locate these cells in test tubes it is useful to have colored marker beads which will show where the delineation between specific densities occurs.  Two microsphere products having densities of 1.065 g/cc and 1.075 g/cc were recently released.

    Blue Density Marker Beads with Specific Gravity of 1.075

    Blue 1.075g/cc Spheres

    These spheres are offered with density tolerances of ±0.005 g/cc enabling excellent stratification, and bright blue and red coloration for high visibility with the unaided eye.

    R&D Quantities are in stock and ready to purchase in sizes from 10um to 600um, larger 1kg+ quantities can be made to order to existing specifications or made to your custom color and density requirements. For more information visit:  Blue Density Marker Beads 1.075g/ccRed Density Marker Beads 1.065g/cc.    Additional densities of marker beads are also available in 1.01-1.10g/cc

    Some Materials which have densities close to these markers are1:

    Rat liver cells
    Hepatocytes 1.07–1.10g/ml
    Kupffer cells 1.05–1.06g/ml
    Human  blood cells
    Thrombocytes 1.04–1.06g/ml
    Lymphocytes 1.06–1.08g/ml
    Granulocytes 1.08–1.09g/ml
    Erythrocytes 1.09–1.10g/ml
    E. coli 1.13g/ml
    Tobacco mosaic virus 1.06g/ml
    Equine  abortion virus 1.08g/ml
    Influenza virus 1.06g/ml
    Mitochondria 1.09–1.11g/ml
    Lysosomes 1.04–1.11g/ml
    Peroxisomes 1.05–1.07g/ml
    Synaptosomes 1.04–1.06g/ml
    Nuclei 1.08–1.12g/ml

    1 – Courtesy of Amersham Biosciences

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