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  • Advantages of Borosilicate Glass Microspheres in 0.03mm to 0.2mm sizing

    Borosilicate Glass Microbeads

    BSGMS 63-75 micron at 40x magnification

    High quality glass microspheres for research and development are always in high demand.  In an effort to better serve scientists Cospheric recently added a complete line of high quality borosilicate microspheres, and microbeads.

    Borosilicate glass offers  advantages over standard soda lime glass microbeads.

    • Roundness is >90%   (Soda lime >85%)
    • Density is the lowest of most glasses at 2.2g/cc  (Soda Lime 2.5g/cc)
    • Very low thermal expansion coefficient  32×10-7/°C   (for 30-300°C)   (Soda Lime:  90×10-7/°C)

    The high roundness, and low thermal expansion make borosilicate spheres an excellent candidate for use as spacers in epoxy bond lines, or other applications which require stability over a wide temperature range.

    Borosilicate glass spheres are now offered in narrow size ranges from 0.03mm to 0.2mm with greater than 90% of the particles in range.

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  • Monodisperse – Spacer Grade Microspheres

    SLGMS 27-30um 40x

    Scientists are constantly looking for narrower particle size distributions (monodispersed) of microspheres to help increase the consistency and correlation between theoretical models and verification experiments.  In an effort to fill the increasing demand for these particles Cospheric has launched a new line of spacer grade microspheres.

    Monodisperse microspheres are currently offered in diameters of:   21-24um, 23-26um, 25-28um, 27-30um, 29-32um, 31-34um, 33-36um, 35-38um, 37-40um, 50-53um

    Manufactured with Soda Lime Glass, monodisperse spheres are excellent for spacing epoxy bond lines that will experience high temperature.

    • Degree of Roundness: >90%
    • Particles in Size Range: >95%
    • Density: ~2.52g/cc
    • Index of refraction: ~1.51
    • Softening Temperature: 730°C