Deformable Silver Coated PMMA Microsphere Spacers

PMPMS AG 1 5 125 150um 480x480 Deformable Silver Coated PMMA Microsphere Spacers

Silver Coated Glass Microspheres work well for increasing the conductivity of bond lines, but they lack the capability to deform when compressed to give increased conductive contact between the surfaces of the bond line.? These newly released Silver Coated PMMA Microspheres offer the low weight deformable pmma cores, and 250nm thick silver coating for high conductivity. Conductivity of this…

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Metal Coated Microspheres – Conductive Silver Coating

Electrically conductive microspheres are produced by applying a metallic silver coating to the surface of the microspheres, thus giving the advantages of a metal particle with the additional properties of the core microsphere. Typically hollow glass microspheres are silver coated as this offers the combination of a low density filler and a conductive particle. Coatings with…

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