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Phosphorescent Microspheres – Long Afterglow Particles

Phosphorescent microspheres in particle sizes 10 to 600 microns are now available from Cospheric LLC. These phosphorescent particles are 90% spherical and appear to be off-white under ordinary daylight or regular room illumination.? However, when the lights are turned off these phosphorescent particles exhibit phosphorescent yellow-green after-glow. The spheres have tight particle size distributions and … Read more

Fluorochromes – Excitation and Emission Wavelengths Reference Table

Below is a useful reference table of various Fluorochromes that can be used in research requiring precise responses. For more information about Fluorescent Microspheres that utilize fluorochromes please refer to the related article titled “Fluorescent Microspheres – Properties and Applications.”

The fluorochrome table is also available for download as a pdf.

Table of Excitation and Emission Wavelengths

3-Hydroxypyrene 5,8,10-Tri Sulfonic acid 403 513
5-Hydroxy Tryptamine 380-415 520-530
5-Hydroxy Tryptamine (5-HT) 400 530
Acid Fuchsin 540 630
Acridine Orange (bound to DNA) 502 526
Acridine Red 455-600 560-680
Acridine Yellow 470 550
Acriflavin 436 520
AFA (Acriflavin Feulgen SITSA) 355-425 460
Alizarin Complexon 530-560 580
Alizarin Red 530-560 580
Allophycocyanin 650 661
ACMA 430 474
Aminoactinomycin D 555 655
Aminocoumarin 350 445
Anthroyl Stearate 361-381 446
Astrazon Brilliant Red 4G 500 585
Astrazon Orange R 470 540
Astrazon Red 6B 520 595
Astrazon Yellow 7 GLL 450 480
Atabrine 436 490
Auramine 460 550
Aurophosphine 450-490 515
Aurophosphine G

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Fluorescent Tracer Microspheres – Properties and Applications

Fluorescent Tracer Particles

Fluorescent microspheres are round spherical particles that emit bright colors when illuminated by UV light. Ability to emit intense color under UV (black light) illumination provides contrast and visibility of microspheres relative to background materials.