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Phosphorescent Microspheres – Long Afterglow Particles

Phosphorecent Beads - Yellow Green Afterglow Spheres
Phosphorecent Beads - Yellow Green Afterglow

Phosphorescent microspheres in particle sizes 10 to 600 microns are now available from Cospheric LLC. These phosphorescent particles are 90% spherical and appear to be off-white under ordinary daylight or regular room illumination.? However, when the lights are turned off these phosphorescent particles exhibit phosphorescent yellow-green after-glow.

The spheres have tight particle size distributions and are > 90% within size range.? Polymer spheres that incorporate proprietary phosphorescent ingredient have a melting point of 115?C , and are mechanically stable past 90?C.? Phosphorescent beads are also inert in most solvents.

Phosphorescent Decay CurveIntensity of Phosphorescent Afterglow:

Intensity according to DIN 67510-1

800 mcd/m2 at 1 minute
180 mcd/m2 at 5 minutes
90 mcd/m2 at 10 minutes
12 mcd/m2 at 1 hour
5 mcd/m2 at 2 hours

Excitation and Phosphorescent Emission Curve:
Excitation and Emission Spectra