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About Microspheres Online:

About Microspheres Online - One stop resource for scientists working with microspheres
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We are a one stop destination for scientists and engineers working with precision spherical particles. We review new microsphere products, provide technical information, share new published articles and research in this industry, help you source the right material for your project and more.

Most of the articles on this site are written by microsphere experts from Cospheric LLC – the leading global supplier and manufacturer of precision spherical particles.

When presenting information we look at a wide variety of sources, putting a big emphasis on any peer-reviewed technical articles that are getting published in reputable journals. Our goal is to present you with a well-rounded and informed view on the microsphere market, technologies, and applications.

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There is a convenient search bar on the side column that you can use if you have specific keywords in mind. Alternatively you will find articles grouped by category (some articles are in multiple categories) or by tags/topics. You will also find contextually related articles below each post.

A good starting point might be a review of the basic concepts. These are described in the pages on the top navigation menu.

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