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Density Marker Beads

Cospheric recently added density marker beads in aqueous solution to their range of products.?? Available in densities from 1.02 g/ml to 1.13 g/ml.

The beads come in a variety of colors and densities and ship within one business day.?? These beads are small microspheres of very specific particle density that are used to visualize density gradients.? Commonly used in Percoll gradients these beads offer a fast visual indicator for scientists.

Density Markers Beads are:
DMB-FGRN-1.02 Fluorescent Green at 1.02g/cc
DMB-FORG-1.04 Fluorescent Orange at 1.04g/cc
DMB-RBLU-1.08 Blue at 1.08g/cc
DMB-FRED-1.09 Fluorescent Red at 1.09g/cc
DMB-FBLU-1.13 Fluorescent Blue at 1.13g/cc

Cospheric Density Marker Beads are provided at a 20% concentration in an aqueous solution in 2.5ml vials. Unlike density marker kits which used to be manufactured by GE Healthcare and have been discontinued, the Cospheric’s colored microspheres are ready for use right out of the vial, don’t need to be swollen, will work with any media, do not expire, and do not change density over time.

Resources on Creating Density Gradients:

Biotechnology: Theory and Techniques, Volume I (Jones and Bartlett Series in Biology)?by Jack Chirikjian and Chirikjian?(Jan 1, 1995)
Pages 45-50 on Density Gradient Centrifugation.