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3 Scenarios When Density of Microspheres Matters in Research

Does Density of Microspheres Matter?

There are a lot of variables for the researcher to consider when selecting the right spherical particle for their research project. The selection of product is specific to the application, but to make the right determination it is important to know what properties of the particle are critical.

  • Particle size and distribution?
  • Material formulation?
  • Color or fluorescence properties?
  • Phosphorescence?
  • Conductivity with metal coatings?
  • Optical Properties? Reflective Index?

Typically, researchers have thought about most of these questions and a general idea of what particles they need to work with. Unfortunately they often misunderstand the critical role that  density of microspheres plays in the success of the project.

When offering a product recommendation for spherical particles, such as microspheres, Cospheric technical support team usually starts by asking the researcher: “Does your project require specific density of microspheres?”