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High Density Glass Microspheres

BSGMS 90 106um 40x High Density Glass Microspheres Barium Titanate Glass microspheres are high density solid glass spheres.? At a Density of 4.5g/cc these solid glass spheres can be used for many scientific applications where high density and optical clarity is needed.? In addition to high density they also offer an index of refraction of more than 1.9.

Bulk quantities are available in 30-100um and 0.3-1.0mm size ranges.

For experiments requiring the highest precision the beads can be purchased in classified grades offering >90% of the spheres within a specific size range.? Standard Sizes include the narrow ranges below.

38-45um, 45-53um, 53-63um, 63-75um, 75-90um, 90-106um, 0.25mm-0.3mm, 0.3mm-0.35mm, 0.36mm-0.42mm, 0.43mm-0.5mm, 0.5mm-0.6mm, 0.6mm-0.7mm, 0.71mm to 0.85mm, and 0.85mm to 1.0mm.

Product pricing and availability can be found under Cospheric’s BTGMS (barium titanate glass microspheres)