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ParaMagnetic Microspheres

Paramagnetic microspheres have the ability to increase in magnetization with an applied magnetic field and loose their magnetism when the field is removed. Neither hysteresis nor residual magnetization is observed and that provides the end use two very practical advantages:

  • When the filed is removed, the microspheres demagnetize and re-disperse easily. This property allows efficient washing steps, low background and good reproducibility.
  • The behavior of the microspheres is always the same whatever the magnetization cycles may be. Such behavior is a key point for automated instrument.
Black Paramagnetic Microspheres
106-125um Magnetic Microspheres

Recently black paramagnetic microspheres have been produced in larger sizes of 10 micron to 1mm (1000um) and in dry form enabling scientists to leverage the benefits of paramagnetic particles in new applications. These highly spherical polyethylene microspheres offer the flow-ability of standard microspheres, with the ability to be separated from other materials for re-use and cleanup.

One use of paramagnetic microspheres as large as 1mm in diameter to simulate salmon eggs, Scientists are able to place them in a natural habitat, observe how they move with the water currents and then use their magnetic properties to clean them up.

magnetic ParaMagnetic MicrospheresSuperParamagnetic microspheres, sometimes just called magnetic microspheres or paramagnetic microspheres have become widely used in the life sciences industry (<10um diameters) for applications such as:

  • Solid Phase Immunoassays
  • Bacteria Detection
  • High Throughput screening
  • Rapid Tests
  • Cell Sorting
  • Biosensors
  • Nucleic Acids Technology
  • Microfluidics1

Super paramagnetic microspheres used in the life science industry are supplied in solution form.

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