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Silane and Fluorochemical Coated Glass Spheres

Solid glass imparts visual and material benefits that cannot be replicated when spheres are made of other materials such as ceramics or polymerics, aluminum oxides, or silicas and mineral fillers. Solid glass refracts [bends] and reflects light. Most ceramics [with exceptions] do not transmit light or exhibit specular [mirror-like] reflection due to their internal crystalline structures and surface irregularities. Instead of being reflected back, the light is ?trapped? in the structure and emitted as diffuse or scattered reflectance, which is not as strong or direct as light transmitted through glass, which produces mirror-like reflectance.? Prizmalite glass spheres distributed by Cospheric offer off the shelf pre-coated spheres for enhancing these effects.

Silane coated solid glass spheres with increased hydrophobicity are offered to improve the dispersion of spheres throughout paints and coatings.? Silane coated spheres are not recommended for pure water solutions as the spheres will be too hydrophobic to wet.

Fluorochemical Coating is available for paint and coating applications where it is desired to bring the spheres to the top of the surface of the coating.? This is best used in applications where retro reflectance is desired.

The following products are offered in both Silane and Fluorochemical Coating.
P2011SL? 3-6um mean diameter solid soda lime glass
P2015SL? 8-12um mean diameter solid soda lime glass
P2050SL? 35-45um mean diameter solid soda lime glass
P2075SL 65-75um mean diameter solid soda lime glass
P2453BTA 40-60um mean diameter solid barium titanate glass with aluminum shell.

Solid Glass Spheres:

  • Act as mini-magnifying glasses to deliver visually truer color
  • Clarify and magnify the visual impact of pigments and metallic flakes
  • Create a richer, wetter, deeper look
  • Visually extend expensive color-shift pigments to create cost-effective new looks
  • Prop up other pigments, mica and aluminum flakes
  • Increase exposed surface area and visual impact
  • Facilitate even dispersion of colorants and reflectors
  • Are anti-mottling agents that enhance visual consistency
  • Act as mini-ball bearings to improve material flow and reduce flow lines
  • Provide color consistency from all viewing angles