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Silica Microspheres – 6 micron mean Diameter

Silica Microspheres 4-8um Mean Diameter  200x MagnificationProperties

Silica is a chemically stable inorganic synthetic material. ? It has the benefit of providing no irritation to human skin.? Silica is essentially transparent, colorless and promote a high degree of slip in products.? The skin feel is generally lubricious in nature.?? Spherical silica imparts exceptional lubricity to loose and pressed powder products. The effect is increased ‘play time’ and a luxurious feel.? Spherical products with mean particle size between 3 to 10 micron will scatter light on the surface of its particle, ie which are transparent, but give natural coverage.

  • Properties :
    – Hollow and porous spherical powder
    – Uniform size distribution
    – Excellent dispersibility
    – Good oil absorbancy
    – Good fluidity
  • Applications :
    – Emulsion products
    – Makeup products
    – Anticaking agent
    – Additive carrier and perfume carrier
  • Available with Optional Silicone Coating (Dimethylpolysiloxane)
    – Increases Hydrophobicity
    – Transparent
    – Resistant to acid, alkalis, UV and moisture

Silica Microspheres are available for purchase at Cospheric in R&D quantities or bulk.