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Solid Red Polyethylene Microspheres Announced

Solid Red Polyethylene microspheres 250-300umSanta Barbara, CA -? May 28, 2010 – Cospheric LLC is now offering a product line of solid red polyethylene microspheres in particle size ranges from 10um to 1000um (1mm).

Offering a bright red color.? These microspheres can be used as additives in personal care products, or in fluid flow visualization experiments.? Samples are in stock and ready to ship to customers for R&D use of product evaluation.? These high quality microspheres are specified to be greater than 90% spherical, and greater than 90% in the specified size range.

Sample Density is 0.98g/cc (Custom densities are available)

Spherical Particle sizes include:

10-27um, 27-32um (30 micron), 32-38um (35 micron), 38-45um (40 micron), 45-53um (50 micron), 53-63um (60 micron), 63-75um (70 micron), 75-90um (80 micron), 90-106um (0.1mm), 106-125um, 125-150um, 150-180um, 180-212um (0.2mm), 212-250um (0.25mm), 250-300um (0.3mm), 300-355um (0.35mm), 355-400um (0.4mm), 400-500um (0.5mm), 500-600um (0.6mm), 600-710um (0.7mm), 710-850um (0.8mm), 850-1000um (0.9mm).