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Applications of Microspheres in Cosmetics

Applications of Microspheres in Cosmetics – Literature Review

Microspheres – Essential Components in Cosmetic Formulations Microspheres in cosmetics have become an appealing and essential aspect of the industry, considerably improving the formulation and efficacy of a variety of beauty and skincare products. These small, spherical particles, often with a diameter of 1-1,000 microns (1 mm), possess unique chemical

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Measuring Roundess of Microsparticles

Does Particle Shape Matter? Roundness and Sphericity

Does Shape of Microparticles Matter? Particle shape plays a critical role in how the particles travel, behave, interact with each other and their environment. It also influences particle flow characteristics. Flow characteristics (ball-bearing effect) of spherical particles: Spherical shape of microparticles is often desirable because spheres and microspheres are well-known

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