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Measuring Roundess of Microsparticles

Does Particle Shape Matter? Roundness and Sphericity

Does Shape of Microparticles Matter? Particle shape plays a critical role in how the particles travel, behave, interact with each other and their environment. It also influences particle flow characteristics. Flow characteristics (ball-bearing effect) of spherical particles: Spherical shape of microparticles is often desirable because spheres and microspheres are well-known

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Does Density of Microspheres Matter for Fluid Suspension?

3 Scenarios When Density of Microspheres Matters in Research

When is the density of microspheres important? Density of microspheres controls the buoyancy of each particle and its behavior in a system or process. Let’s look at three scenarios: (1) suspension of microspheres in a specific fluid, (2) fluid flow, performing flow visualizations, or particle image velocimetry, and (3) simulation

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