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  • High Density Glass Microspheres

    Barium Titanate Glass microspheres are high density solid glass spheres.  At a Density of 4.5g/cc these solid glass spheres can be used for many scientific applications where high density and optical clarity is needed.  In addition to high density they also offer an index of refraction of more than 1.9.

    Bulk quantities are available in 30-100um and 0.3-1.0mm size ranges.

    For experiments requiring the highest precision the beads can be purchased in classified grades offering >90% of the spheres within a specific size range.  Standard Sizes include the narrow ranges below.

    38-45um, 45-53um, 53-63um, 63-75um, 75-90um, 90-106um, 0.25mm-0.3mm, 0.3mm-0.35mm, 0.36mm-0.42mm, 0.43mm-0.5mm, 0.5mm-0.6mm, 0.6mm-0.7mm, 0.71mm to 0.85mm, and 0.85mm to 1.0mm.

    Product pricing and availability can be found under Cospheric’s BTGMS (barium titanate glass microspheres)

  • Magnetic Microspheres – New Size Ranges Offered

    Black Paramagnetic Microspheres

    106-125um magnetic Microspheres

    Cospheric announces new particle size ranges for its BKPMS, Paramagnetic Microsphere product.

    Thanks to customer demand for narrower particle size ranges of paramagnetic microspheres.  These highly opaque microspheres are homogeneous PE and often used in microscopy for high contrast cross sections.

    Cospheric has added the following sizes to its extensive inventory of microspheres offered in the dry powder form:

    • 10-20 micron, 0.1 grams
    • 20-27 micron, 0.5 grams
    • 27-32 micron, 1.0 grams
    • 32-38 micron, 5.0 grams
    • 38-45 micron, 5.0 grams

    These sizes are in addition to its extensive range of black magnetic microspheres available up to 1.0mm (1000 micron) in diameter.

  • Density Marker Beads – Microspheres with Specific gravity of 1.065 and 1.075

    Product Announcement:

    Density Marker Beads 1.065 Specific Gravity

    Red 1.065 g/cc Spheres

    In the biomedical industry researchers are sometimes looking for cells having targeted specific gravities.  In order to locate these cells in test tubes it is useful to have colored marker beads which will show where the delineation between specific densities occurs.  Two microsphere products having densities of 1.065 g/cc and 1.075 g/cc were recently released.

    Blue Density Marker Beads with Specific Gravity of 1.075

    Blue 1.075g/cc Spheres

    These spheres are offered with density tolerances of ±0.005 g/cc enabling excellent stratification, and bright blue and red coloration for high visibility with the unaided eye.

    R&D Quantities are in stock and ready to purchase in sizes from 10um to 600um, larger 1kg+ quantities can be made to order to existing specifications or made to your custom color and density requirements. For more information visit:  Blue Density Marker Beads 1.075g/ccRed Density Marker Beads 1.065g/cc.    Additional densities of marker beads are also available in 1.01-1.10g/cc

    Some Materials which have densities close to these markers are1:

    Rat liver cells
    Hepatocytes 1.07–1.10g/ml
    Kupffer cells 1.05–1.06g/ml
    Human  blood cells
    Thrombocytes 1.04–1.06g/ml
    Lymphocytes 1.06–1.08g/ml
    Granulocytes 1.08–1.09g/ml
    Erythrocytes 1.09–1.10g/ml
    E. coli 1.13g/ml
    Tobacco mosaic virus 1.06g/ml
    Equine  abortion virus 1.08g/ml
    Influenza virus 1.06g/ml
    Mitochondria 1.09–1.11g/ml
    Lysosomes 1.04–1.11g/ml
    Peroxisomes 1.05–1.07g/ml
    Synaptosomes 1.04–1.06g/ml
    Nuclei 1.08–1.12g/ml

    1 – Courtesy of Amersham Biosciences

  • Solid Red Polyethylene Microspheres Announced

    Solid Red Polyethylene microspheres 250-300umSanta Barbara, CA –  May 28, 2010 – Cospheric LLC is now offering a product line of solid red polyethylene microspheres in particle size ranges from 10um to 1000um (1mm).

    Offering a bright red color.  These microspheres can be used as additives in personal care products, or in fluid flow visualization experiments.  Samples are in stock and ready to ship to customers for R&D use of product evaluation.  These high quality microspheres are specified to be greater than 90% spherical, and greater than 90% in the specified size range.

    Sample Density is 0.98g/cc (Custom densities are available)

    Spherical Particle sizes include:

    10-27um, 27-32um (30 micron), 32-38um (35 micron), 38-45um (40 micron), 45-53um (50 micron), 53-63um (60 micron), 63-75um (70 micron), 75-90um (80 micron), 90-106um (0.1mm), 106-125um, 125-150um, 150-180um, 180-212um (0.2mm), 212-250um (0.25mm), 250-300um (0.3mm), 300-355um (0.35mm), 355-400um (0.4mm), 400-500um (0.5mm), 500-600um (0.6mm), 600-710um (0.7mm), 710-850um (0.8mm), 850-1000um (0.9mm).